Our History

PCEA Neema Church located in Lowell, MA (USA) was founded on 23rd March 2014 under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Karĩmi Mũmbũi, by a pre-dominantly Kenyan immigrant community resident in the Northern part of Massachusetts and Southern part of New Hampshire in the Greater Boston Area. It is a welcoming community of faith that endeavors to create a family environment where members and all embrace each other as members of the one body of Christ.

After the incorporation and solid foundation of the Church, PCEA Neema was officially inaugurated and enjoined as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa in a service of public worship in which the founding minister, Rev. Dr. Karĩmi was also inducted on Sept. 14th, 2014 by the then Moderator of the PCEAs 20th General Assembly, the Very Rev. David Gathanju.

The re-location of people from their familiar and communal cultural environment into the Western world that is highly individualistic becomes quite an unexpected culture shock that can easily cause untold suffering to many. The longing for such an environment is almost always provided by the church family. PCEA Neema therefore has become home to many persons that desire to have an extended family setting and experience away from their core family members.

The church started at a rented space on Chelmsford Street in Lowell that proved to be an ideal place for the nascent Church. The new group that had coalesced into a strong worshipping community was able to pull resources together and within a span of just two years, raised and saved enough to purchase her own property. In April 2016, members purchased a building that was previously used as a recreational facility and renovated it to suit their worship needs.

The newly renovated and transformed building was dedicated to be a place of worship on May 28th, 2017 in a service conducted by the Moderator of PCEAs 21st General Assembly Rt. Rev. Julius G. Mwamba assisted by the Rev. Dr. Karĩmi and several other PCEA and non-PCEA ministers. This has become home to many Kenyan community members as the facility has become in important gathering place for a lot of community initiatives.

It is imperative to note that throughout, the Church has been partnering and pastorally taking charge and supporting Tumaini Community Church, Springfield. Owing to the growth in membership and ministerial needs, the Church invited and gladly welcomed the services of the Rev. Dr. Eric Mũchina. His coming has eased the work and brought in a new dimension of ministry ably taking charge of the English Service, Theological Education by Extension (TEE) and other delegated responsibilities of the church. Rev.Dr. Mũchina was inducted into the ministry of PCEA Neema Church in a service of public worship on Oct. 22nd, 2017.